Together with Christoph Bochdansky (Vienna), Stefan Wenzel (Leipzig) and Cie. Off Verticality with the choreographer Rose Breuss (Linz) we developed our new production "Der Reigen. An extremely beautiful song about death" in spite of Corona-chaos in 2020. Several possible premiere dates had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, meanwhile this documentary was produced by Thilo Neubacher, who witnessed rehearsals and the internal premiere in November. Thank you very much for this, Thilo!

Protect Laika is a musical duo consisting of the musician Charlotte Wilde (Wilde & Vogel) and the Puppeteer Stefan Wenzel (Lehmann and Wenzel).

A project by Solniki 44 (PL), Westflügel Leipzig, Grupa Coincidentia (Bialystok, PL), Lehmann und Wenzel and Wilde & Vogel 2016-2017. Talks and international discussions took place in Poland and Germany. Four rehearsal sessions resulted in the 2019 production Kukulka.

based on "Klein Zaches, genannt Zinnober" by E.T.A. Hoffmann.

The production by Lehmann & Wenzel was created in 2015 under the direction of Michael Vogel in co-production with Westflügel Leipzig.

Recordings of Charlotte Wilde's theater music are available on two CDs and on our Soundcloud online.
CD order by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
Any where out of the world Theatermusik 1997-2006, 2 CDs for 14,- Euro incl. shipping.
Songs for Alice (with Johannes Frisch) deluxe limited edition with artwork by Robert Voss. For 18,- Euro incl. shipping.

Lehmann und Wenzel, co-production with the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts and Westfluegel Leipzig 2013, directed by Michael Vogel.

Music Videos by Florian Feisel (performance) and Michael Vogel (performance and design) for songs by the Irish band The Frames 2008.