Also our performances and tours are cancelled due to Covid-19. What this will mean for our work is not predictable yet. We can only hope that live performances will possible again soon.

After the cancellation of shows in Potsdam and Aarau, we have the possibility to do a Live-stream of "Krabat" at Westfluegel Leipzig with the support of Streamio Leipzig. A ghost performance in two ways: not only the audience is missing but also our two colleagues of Grupa Coincidentia who are not able to leave Poland.

Krabat - according to circumstances! Live-stream Saturday 21.03. from 19:30:

The loss of fees after cancelled shows can not be balanced by shifting dates. Please buy tickets for performances even if we cannot invite you to be there ( or E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Donations to Westfluegel are also welcome and helpful: Betterplace donation to Westfluegel.

This initiative points to the precarious situation of freelance artists:
#ticketgleichspende / #kultursolidarisieren