About ticks, SARS-CoV-2 & an asymmetric war against culture

Livestream in English language: Saturday, 9. May, 20h / www.westfluegel.de / #westfluegelstream 

What does it mean to work and think independently and be a freelance theatre artist in these times?

This was the starting question for the one year project Biotopia of Grupa Coincentia from Białystok, and the two companies Wilde & Vogel and Lehmann und Wenzel from Leipzig in 2018. From this they developed the Documentary Kukułka in 2019, meandering between world war II, dusty pickle glasses, Jewish graveyards and obsessive sexual fantasies, great and greatly demanding for the audience.

Due to a virus the project nearly failed already in the beginning (tick!), due to a virus the planned performances in May are cancelled (SARS-CoV2). What seems to be an asymetrical war against practised creativity can also be seen on the background of another asymetrical conflict: the political conditions for freelance theatre - in Poland and Germany.

Connecting these themes in a talk, Westfluegel Leipzig will livestream a discussion with the team of Biotopia and Kukułka. Using chat the audience will have the possibility to send comments, questions and to interact.

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