(Working title: E.D. - Echologies)

During the joint work on the production "Der Reigen" (live premiere June 2021 at Westfluegel) the idea for this project arose, based on poems by Emily Dickinson. Joint improvisations by Kai Chun Chuang (dance) and Charlotte Wilde (music) during the lockdown last winter are the starting point for the work on a production that combines the elements of dance, live music and figures / light (Michael Vogel). The poems and biography of Emily Dickinson, who almost never left her home throughout her life and finally hardly ever received guests, are close to us after months of lockdown. A closer look at Dickinson's work leads us to many themes that are still significant today: multicultural dimensions of her space of thought and poetry, ecological aspects from a deeply felt connection to nature, as well as questions about the individual and society.
Co-production with Westflugel Leipzig, Directed by/ choreography: Rose Breuss.

Premiere 2 September at Westfluegel Leipzig, for further performances see programme, info