J'ai baisé ta bouche, Iokanaan.
Il y avait une âcre saveur sur tes lèvres.
É tait-ce la saveur du sang? ...
Mais, peut-être est-ce la saveur de l'amour.
On dit que l'amour a une âcre saveur...
Mais, qu'importe? J'ai baisé ta bouche, Iokanaan,
j'ai baisé ta bouche.


Salomé's dance robbed them all of their heads: Herod, her stepfather, Herodias, her mother, John the Baptist and in the end herself. The dance was powerful and so was the dancer, who was offered half a kingdom, which she refused: She would rather have the desert preacher's head.

Salomé is a trauma of the modern age, a drama of the excessive desire. This love speaks the language of madness and in the murder of the beloved shows humanity stripped naked. A theatre play with puppets, masks and objects, a kaleidoscope of pictures and music from beyond the acknowledged borders of emotion.


with Marcin Bartnikowski, Marcin Bikowski, Magdalena Czajkowska, Pawel Chomczyk, Agnieszka Makowska, Dagmara Sowa 

Music: Charlotte Wilde
Graphic Design: Robert Voss
Puppets, Scenography & Directed by: Michael Vogel

Coproduction of Kompania Doomsday, Bialystok
Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Stuttgart/Leipzig
Teatr Dramatyczny Bialystok


Premiere: 3. September 2005 Teatr Dramatyczny Bialystok
In German, English, French and Polish language.


With financial support by: Kulturamt of the City of Stuttgart, Adam Mickiewicz Institute Warsaw with resources of the Cultural Ministery of the Republic of Poland for the “German-Polish Year 2005/2006”, Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation Warsaw


Prize for best music at the 13. International Puppet Theatres Festival Torun 2006
„Salomé“ was awarded the prize „New Situations“ at the MALTA Theatre Festival Poznan 2007