Trying to sit on the air

with members of the Gewandhaus Choir Leipzig

Poster of the play Trying to Sit on the Air, by Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel with Lehmann & Wenzel, Leipzig (artwork Robert Voss).
Trying to Sit on the Air – artwork Robert Voss

What you can see are my lips, a little bit of my teeth, a little bit of my tongue – I don’t even see this; but within me there will have to be a lot of movement, so that my breath can transport something from the place where thinking happens inside me, through the air, which connects and seperates us, to you.
Ernst Jandl

Airflow and calm, exhalation and vacuum, first cry and dying breath – this research with puppets, objects and music is moving amongst these extremes. Air, an omnipresent and vital resource, hardly perceptible usually, an invisible material is the protagonist of this performance.

Directed by: Franziska Merkel
Performance, Puppets, Scenography: Samira Lehmann, Michael Vogel, Stefan Wenzel
Live-Music: Charlotte Wilde
Choral direction, composition: Gregor Meyer
Choir: Members of the Gewandhauschor Leipzig

Lehmann und Wenzel (Leipzig), Wilde & Vogel (Leipzig).

Co-production with Westflügel Leipzig.

(photos Dana Ersing)

You are in the archive part of our website, we are no longer performing this play. However, you may be interested in our current repertoire or you may simply want to get in touch with us.

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