One year after the German Premiere Dust is eventually also going to be shown in Israel, home of our partners and colleagues Inbal Yomtovian and Ari Teperberg (Golden Delicious).

There will be three performances:

19.11 20:30 Haifa, Bait 9 theatre, Hanamal st' 69 :::
23.11 17:00 + 20:00 Tmuna Festival Tel Aviv, Shonzino 8 :::


There will be a workshop with Michael Vogel about Marionettes: Things on Strings from 22. to 24.10.2019 for students of the Department of Puppetry and Animation at the Stuttgart Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst.

During our tour to Israel there will be another workshop about animation on 20.11.2019 at the School for Puppetry and Drama in Tel Aviv.

A Horror-Musical by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

After the great success of the first Polish version of Little Shop of Horrors [Sklep z potwornsciami] at BTL Białystok, this production, directed by Michael Vogel, will finally perform in Germany:

Production: Białostocki Teatr Lalek [PL] ::: Puppets, Stage and Direction: Michael Vogel

Thu 26., Fri 27. und Sat 28.09.2019, 21h at Westflügel Leipzig I  More

After performing Songs for Alice two years ago, we are invited to come back:

Dust will be at the at.tension 2019!

06., 07. and 08.09. 2019 at.tension festival


Songs for Alice Special Version (featuring Philipp Scholz/drums, Konrad Schreiter/trumpet, Thomas Weber/tableguitar) will be performed twice more this autumn at the Festival Klang der Dinge at Schaubude Berlin and at this year's edition of the Pole Poppenspäler Tage Husum.

05.09. 2019 Schaubude Berlin

29.09.2019 Husum 


12., 13. and 14. July 2019 at Westflügel Leipzig.


At BTL Białystok (PL) Michael Vogel directed the first Polish version of the Musical "Little Shop of Horrors" (Dramaturgy: Janne Weirup).

Premiere at Białostocki Teatr Lalek November 2018. More

Staub - Dust - אבק is the title of our new production together with Ari Teperberg and Inbal Yomtovian of the Israeli group Golden Delicious. A theatre production which dissolves time and space, combines big bangs and black holes of personal and collective (his)story and dares to face the present.

Co-production with FITZ! Stuttgart and Westflügel Leipzig
Premiere: 31.10.2018 at Westflügel Leipzig. More