based on "Klein Zaches, genannt Zinnober" by E.T.A. Hoffmann

What is so attractive about repulsive behavior? How can someone who only sows discord become the people’s favorite? E.T.A. Hoffmann dealt with all these questions in his art fairy tale and, in typical Hoffmann fashion, turned it into an absurdly over-the-top farce on the modern world with the addition of fantastic creatures and romantically deluded artists.

Zaches is a misshapen changeling who, out of pity, is given the ability by a fairy to redirect all positive reactions to people around him. Zaches himself expresses himself only grunting and drooling, but is celebrated by those around him to the point that he eventually becomes a minister. Get ready for an evening of theater full of disgust, shrill sounds, bad taste and fairy dust.

The players conjure up the little witch guy with steaming rumbles and tinkling strings. In the magic mirror they strike. Hit it! There he is, what is he? Hit it! The last unexplained wonders are shown and, of course, the story of Zaches is told to you by all the rules of art. Be sure that you will be deceived!

Directed by: Michael Vogel
Performance and live-music: Samira Lehmann, Stefan Wenzel
Puppets: Samira Lehmann

Lehmann and Wenzel in co-production with Westflügel Leipzig 2015.

(photos Thilo Neubacher)

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