Faza Rem Phase

A theatrical dream research by performers from Germany and Poland.


Sleep and dream are the motifs for this performance, a world far from the reality in which we are awake, alive and acting. But what is this dreamland? Is it the netherworld, an individual inside space in which our brain fools us, another reality? Which musical, sculptoral, graphic or theatrical means can we use to get inside the dreams?



Performing: Pawel Chomczyk, Lucja Grzeszczyk, Michal Jarmoszuk, Samira Lehmann, Dagmara Sowa, Stefan Wenzel
Live-Music: Charlotte Wilde
Translations: Renata Stromberger
Graphic design: Robert Voss
Assistance: Katharina Muschiol
Direction, puppets & stage: Michael Vogel


A production of Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel (Leipzig, Stuttgart) with Grupa Coincidentia (Białystok, PL), co-produced by BTL Białystok, FITZ! Stuttgart and Lindenfels Westfluegel Leipzig.
The project was supported by: City of Leipzig, Kulturstiftung Freistaat Sachsen, Fonds darstellende Kuenste, the program Szenenwechsel of Robert Bosch Stiftung with International Theatre Institut, City of Białystok, Region Podlasie, Cultural Ministery Warsaw