Dust - Staub – אבק

Co-production with Golden Delicious (ISR / FR)

Poster of the play Dust - Staub, by Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Leipzig (artwork Robert Voss).
Dust – Staub – artwork Robert Voss

I’ve called mother last week to announce her she will appear in the new piece “Dust” we are creating in Leipzig. It’s frightening to create involving family stories. Furthermore, when the stories are not just my own family, not just Ari’s, but also of Michael and Charlotte. Our grandparents could, theoretically, have met somewhere in Europe back then but happily or unfortunately they didn’t.

Published on Social Media by Inbal Yomtovian, September 14 at 8:49 pm.

How did I become what I am, who are the others, and how can we connect? Four artists from different forms of creative expression come together to tell stories. Starting with personal memories, family stories and dreams they highlight moments which we all share but also moments which isolate us. Puppet and object theatre, movement and storytelling are accompanied and penetrated by music and merge in singing. In this evening of theatre time and space are suspended, Big Bangs and black holes of our private and collective history are connected to face the present.

Dust ist the first collaboration of Golden Delicious (Israel / France) and Wilde & Vogel (Leipzig). Golden Delicious are the object performer and actress Inbal Yomtovian and the director and performer Ari Teperberg. Both studied at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem and toured Europe with their successful performance Jonathan and the Blue Table. The Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel are the musician Charlotte Wilde and the puppeteer Michael Vogel, who have influenced the international puppetry scene for 25 years. The meeting of the two groups led to a collection of motives, songs, personal stories, puppets and objects. Directed by Hendrik Mannes and Antonia Christl the material was condensed into a performance, which catches the moment of meeting and transforms it to a fragile intimate interaction on stage. The “act of storytelling” is explored and connects different possibilities from solo performance to polyphonic ambiguity.

In English language.

Directed by: Antonia Christl, Hendrik Mannes
Dramaturgy: Jonas Klinkenberg
Performers: Ari Teperberg, Michael Vogel, Inbal Yomtovian
Live-Music: Charlotte Wilde
Puppets: Michael Vogel

Co-production with Golden Delicious (ISR/FR), FITZ Stuttgart, Westflügel Leipzig.

Financially supported by Stadt Leipzig, Fonds Darstellende Kuenste and Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Sachsen.

(photos Dana Ersing, Christian Jäger )

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