Sessions with Emily and Jean-Henri

Poster of the play Micro, by Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Leipzig (artwork Robert Voss).
Micro – artwork Robert Voss.

Immerse yourself for 5 minutes in the amazing world of insects, follow the dynamics of the fly or become one with the pace of snails, made visible and alive for you with the means of puppet theatre! Let yourself be carried away into vast musical spaces, listen to sounds and melodies and the wonderfully strange poetry of Emily Dickinson.

The work of the entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915) is the inspiration for the construction and playing of the figures. A variety of playing techniques evoke a microcosm of insects, which can be understood in a bizarre or symbolic way, or simply seen as a self-sufficient parallel world. The musical level (vocals, violin, electronic effects, sequencer) adapts and sets to music a selection of poems by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), which at the same time tell of intimacy and loneliness as well as an intense closeness to nature.

6 short plays of 5 minutes each for 1-4 spectators!

Performance and Puppets: Michael Vogel
Live-Music and Composition: Charlotte Wilde
Artistic Advice: Joachim Fleischer
Musical advice: Johannes Frisch

Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, co-produced by the 22. international figuren.theater.festival erlangen, nürnberg, fürth and Westflügel Leipzig.

(photos Joachim Fleischer, Jakob Vogel)

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