A theatre expedition to hazardous places

Poster of the play Siberia, by Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Leipzig (artwork Robert Voss).
Siberia – artwork Robert Voss

The boundlessness of the country of Siberia, its emptiness, cold and apparent hostility becomes a stage for the limits of mankind. In the loneliness, the inner Siberia, the unpredictability begins and everyone is confronted with oneself. If nothing distracts, vital matters become urgent. How do we spend our lifetime? What do we keep up when no one is watching? What are we longing for? What comes over us on us in the emptiness?

Inspired by travel experiences and poets who spent time in Siberia involuntarily a musical universe, in which human existence is being questioned with fragments, figures and strings evolves.

A theatre expedition which leads to hazardous places and provokes emotions, which manifests, however, that it is incredibly lucky to meet someone at the edge of the world, with whom knowledge, fears and love can be shared.

The play goes beyond the ending with unimpaired wanderlust, freely adapted from Ossip Mandelstam:
Now only die – and then: the jump on the horse.

sibirisches ALFABET: aufbruch (Seven Deadly Sins) /// barentsee /// chromatisch (abwärts) /// du demut /// explosion /// faden feinheit fell /// grüngold /// hirnrinde /// ich lote aus /// jetzt juckt’s /// kopf ab! (kurzschluss) /// langsamer, leiser (I’m A Fool To Want You) /// mitsammen /// nadeschda /// ossip /// poet (Gestorben wie ein Dichter?) /// quantensprung /// rezitativ (In weite Ferne… ) /// schwarzerdeflut /// tanz (aufwärts) /// unter der sonne (The Night We Called It A Day) /// voran /// warlam /// x-tausendmal /// ybereinstimmen: /// zwanzigfünfzehn wilde/ vogel/ zanger.

Directed by: Christiane Zanger
Assistance: Maria Koch
Performance, Scenography, Puppets: Michael Vogel
Live-Music: Charlotte Wilde

A co-production with FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater Stuttgart and Westflügel Leipzig.

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Landesverband freier Theater Baden-Württemberg e.V. aus Mitteln des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg.

(photos Thilo Neubacher, Michael Vogel)

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