Talks and international discussions

A project by Solniki 44 (PL), Westflügel Leipzig, Grupa Coincidentia (Bialystok, PL), Lehmann und Wenzel and Wilde & Vogel 2016-2017. Talks and international discussions took place in Poland and Germany. Four rehearsal sessions resulted in the 2019 production Kukulka.

What does artistic freedom mean?
What does today’s free theater need in order to fulfill its tasks and possibilities?
What are these tasks and possibilities?
What does international, intercultural work mean?

A group of renowned art-makers and experienced organizers meet in Poland and Germany to work together, to rehearse and to discuss. The aim is to research the soil in which creativity grows. At the heart of Biotopia is the exchange between two theaters, the Lindenfels Westflügel in Leipzig and Solniki 44 in Białystok, Poland, founded in summer 2016. Together with experts, guests and the audience they go on the search for the breeding ground of creativity.

The project has 4 phases, both happening on 2 levels. In the 1st phase in March 2017 artists from Solniki and Westflügel are meeting to work together onstage for one week. Starting from the artefact in Solniki – a cuckoo clock – riddles are solved and crimes uncovered. Above it all danger and suspicion… Was it the gardner again? An intermediate result will be shown on 31st March at 20h00 as a SESSION in Westflügel.

The week was complemented by talks with invited artists, culture organizers, members of the communal administration and other institutions as well as theatre critics. At a shared meals, without speeches and presentations, themes came on the table which were worth discussing. Starting from utopia the question arose, what artistic freedom needs. Is utopia found in the countryside or in the city, which conditions do we need to work independently, how do we want to co-operate, how are intercultural projects possible and why do we do them? Following the SESSION a public talk with audience ended the first phase of Biotopia on 31.03.2017.

Searching possibilities for artistic utopia there will be two trips to the East Polish Forest around Solniki. In a forest lab the research will be continued on different levels and with more guests. (03. – 06. July 2017 / 25. – 29. September in Solniki / PL) The final meeting with all the participants will be in Leipzig. Biotopia will once more be opened, with a session on stage, a public talk and of course a ‘little water’ in our hands… (06. – 11. November in Leipzig).

1st phase LEIPZIG // Germany / 28. – 31. March 2017
SESSION + public discussion: 31.03.2017 // 20:00

2nd phase SOLNIKI // Poland / 01. – 06. July 2017
public discussion: 01.07.2017 // 20:00
SESSION: 06.07.2017 // 20:00

3rd phase SOLNIKI // Poland / 25. – 29. September 2017
SESSION + public discussion: 29.09.2017 // 18:00

4th phase LEIPZIG // Germany / 06. – 11. November 2017
Public closing events: 06.11. – 11.11.2017
SESSION: 11.11.2017 // 20:00

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