The fatal Marksman

Samira Wenzel and Stefan Wenzel play for their lives

Samira Wenzel and Stefan Wenzel play for their lives. With objects and figures, electric guitars and wedding dresses, the two take us into small idylls and big nightmares. But beware, many a shot will hit the mark. Object theater meets chamber opera.

Directed by: Michael Vogel
Performance, music, puppets: Samira Wenzel, Stefan Wenzel

Premiere: 13.9.2012 at Westflügel Leipzig.

Lehmann and Wenzel, co-production with the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts and Westflügel Leipzig.

Bewegungskunstpreis Winner of the Year 2013:
At the award ceremony at Lindenfels Westflügel on 12.7.13 Samira Lehmann, Stefan Wenzel (performance) and Michael Vogel (direction) were awarded the prize donated by the Leipziger Anzeigenblatt-Verlag.

(photos Dana Ersing)

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