until doomsday

The Ballad of the Flying Dutchman
based on Heinrich Heine and Richard Wagner



Day of destruction! Judgement day!
When shall thy morning dawn for me?
Thou trumpet sound the crash of doom
at whose dread blast the stars shall flee!
At last, when all the dead shall rise,
then death shall close my weary eyes.
Ye planets, fall from heaven’s dome
Eternal extinction, take me home.


A play about the romantic motifs of love, salvation, fidelity, everlasting life, sacrifice – always questioned in respect of their meaning for us today. Where are our damnation, our salvation, our ideals, our hopes?

The focus is on the fable, the materials on the stage, and especially on the puppeteers, who create and question at the same time. They animate objects and puppets, move in pictures with music, they make music themselves and speak texts – their own and those from the opera by Wagner – in Polish, English and German.

A theatre performance between improvisation, opera and punk, on the ocean and underwater, in heaven and in hell.


with Marcin Bartnikowski, Pawel Chomczyk, Ewa Gajewska, Agnieszka Mozejko, Urszula Raczkowska, Karol Smaczny, Dagmara Sowa

Technician: Katarina Fejesowa
Translations: Marcin Bartnikowski
Music: Charlotte Wilde
Assistent: Jacek Malinowski
Direction & Puppets: Michael Vogel


A Coproduction between
Akademia Teatralna Warszawa - Department of Puppetry Art, Białystok
Kompania Doomsday
Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel


First Night: 6th March 2004, Białystok / PL