Nils Holgersson

A wondrous journey with the wild geese, based on Selma Lagerlöf

Poster of the play Nils Holgersson by Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Leipzig (artwork Robert Voss).
Nils Holgersson – artwork Robert Voss

But still, on a most beautiful Midsummer’s Day I had a longing for that world…

Isn’t that Nils Holgersson, the good-for-nothing from Westvämmen-hög, who is flying there through the air on the back of the tame gander Martin? And is not the wild goose Akka of Kebnekajse with her flock right next to them? With his magical powers the house-gnome has taught Nils Holgersson a lesson: transformed into minute build he has sent Nils on a wondrous journey with the wild geese.

A fast journey through the theatre develops on ropes and hawsers hanging from the flies: In front of a white sail pictures of light and shadow develop, figures of animals melt together with the bodies of the puppeteers or perform a gracile dance on strings. And last not least the trumpet, violin and double bass tell the story in their very own way.

Based on Selma Lagerlöf / from 6 years up.

Directed by: Christiane Zanger
Words & animation: Claudia Olma
Puppets & animation: Michael Vogel
Live music: Charlotte Wilde

Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Co-production with FITZ! Stuttgart

Premiere: 21.10.1998 at FITZ! Stuttgart.

You are in the archive part of our website, we are no longer performing this play. However, you may be interested in our current repertoire or you may simply want to get in touch with us.

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